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'big fish', 'holiday', 'king of the hill', 'lets bowl!', 'mountain stage', 'stella dallas', 'the iron giant', 'this american life', 'to kill a mockingbird', a hot bath, a.j. cronin, airstreams, al green, alleys, andrew wk, angora, art blakey, bad boys, bebop, ben kingsley, betty lavette, billy bragg, billy wilder, bizarre museums, blankets, blind boys of alabama, boards of canada, bob wills, boxcar willie, brak, breakfast, buck owens, buddha, calexico, cashmere, cat naps, cheese puffs, chet baker, chicago, chris elliot, coconut ice cream, curry, curtis mayfield, dave alvin, david rakoff, detroit, digging in the dirt, dinah washington, dirt roads, dorian gray, duke ellington, eddie jefferson, ella fitzgerald, ernst lubitsch, firemen, found pictures, frank decaro, freddie hubbard, full sleeve tattoos, garlic, george sanders, george saunders, gettin' down, getting dirty, getting lost, giant sand, glenn ford, gram parsons, hank williams, hard boiled eggs, hiking, ian mckellan, ingrid bergman, iron and wine, italy, jive, joe williams, johnny hartman, kate bush, las vegas, london, lone star beer, louis prima, lucinda williams, lyle lovett, makin' out, marvin gaye, max roach, mccoy tyner, mel torme, merle haggard, michigan summers, mischief, mutton chops, necking, oi!, old 'woody' wagons, old cemetaries, old diaries, old folks, old school funk, old soul, otis redding, outsider art, paul newman, pere lachaise cemetary, pesto, phillip seymour hoffman, puddle stomping, raul malo, red sovine, red wine, road trips, ryan adams, shaved heads, shudder and shake, side burns, slap and tickle, solomon burke, son volt, steak, steve earle, sticky fingers, sun kill moon, supersuckers, talking to strangers, tennesee williams, thai fresh rolls, the derailers, the forties, the man in black, the nearness of you, the new yorker, the redford theater, thirties, thrift stores, tom waits, trashpicking, traveling, vikings, vintage, vintage velvet, wales, wes anderson, whiskeytown, whispering, wilco, windows, woody creek tavern, yard art

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